Photo: Jules Gardner for the BBC

1. The Rugby Codebreakers Statue, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, Wales, UK


‘Following on from the huge interest created by the BBC TV documentary “The Rugby Codebreakers”, a number of groups have come forward seeking to build on the momentum provided by the inspirational stories of players such as Billy Boston, Jim Sullivan, Roy Francis, Colin Dixon, Johnny Freeman and Clive Sullivan…’ Cllr Thomas.

Cardiff City Council News / Press Release 22-07-20

    Cardiff's desire to honour the city's 'Codebreakers'

  One Team. One Race:  The Codebreakers Statue |


       Unveiling: The Rugby Codebreakers Statue


        Documentary: Exiles to Icons - The Codebreakers Come Home


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2. The Roy Francis Memorial, Brynmawr, Blaenau Gwent, Wales, UK


    ITV Wales News - 'Trailblazer' black Welsh rugby league legend's

statue unveiled in Wales


‘The memorial monument of Roy Francis was kick-started by the documentary “The Rugby Codebreakers” directed by Tariq Ali and presented by Carolyn Hitt…'

Roy Francis Memorial Official Program, 21-10-23